Nu boeken


Rooigem 3 , Bruges, België

  1. Please use the entrance that is accessible from the Aardenburgseweg (marked by an engraved stone `Rooigem 3').
  2. Follow the forest path that leads you towards the enchanting surroundings of the castle. Keep an eye out for the sign at the end of the path indicating the designated car parking area for guests.
  3. From the parking area, take a leisurely stroll through the captivating natural surroundings towards the rustic ocher yellow gate of the farmhouse where the vacation rental apartment is located.
  4. Upon entering the gate (door can be opened by twisting the door handle), you will find the entrance door to the apartment at your right, ready to welcome you to your luxurious retreat.

Please note: If you have any difficulties finding the entrance or require further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will be more than happy to guide you. We want to ensure that your arrival is smooth and stress-free, allowing you to fully embrace the beauty and tranquility of Castle Rooigem and its surroundings.